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Machacca-Deteccion_cambios_de_velocidad...volcan_Ubinas.pdf.jpg2018-04Detección de cambios de velocidad asociados a la erupción del volcán Ubinas 2014, usando auto- y cross- correlación de ruidos sísmico y eventos multipletsMachacca Puma, Roger; Lesage, Philippe; Larose, Eric; Lacroix, Pascal
Machaca-Detection_of_pre-eruptive_seismic_velocity.pdf.jpg2019-09Detection of pre-eruptive seismic velocity variations at an andesitic volcano using ambient noise correlation on 3-component stations: Ubinas volcano, Peru, 2014Machacca Puma, Roger; Lesage, Philippe; Larose, Eric; Lacroix, Pascal; Anccasi Figueroa, Rosa María
Bontemps-Rain_and_small_earthquakes_maintain.pdf.jpg2020-02-07Rain and small earthquakes maintain a slow-moving landslide in a persistent critical stateBontemps, Noélie; Lacroix, Pascal; Larose, Eric; Jara, Jorge; Taipe Maquehua, Edu Luis