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Decou-Cenozoic_forearc_basin_sediments.pdf.jpg2011-05Cenozoic forearc basin sediments in Southern Peru (15–18°S): Stratigraphic and heavy mineral constraints for Eocene to Miocene evolution of the Central AndesDecou, Audrey; Von Eynatten, Hilmar; Mamani Huisa, Mirian Irene; Sempere, Thierry; Wörner, Gerhard
Acosta-Evolucion_tectonica_metalogenesis_Peru.pdf.jpg2017Evolución tectónica y metalogénesis del PerúAcosta Ale, Jorge Gilberto; Sempere, Thierry
Rousse-Paleomagnetic tracking.pdf.jpg2003-09Paleomagnetic tracking of mountain building in the Peruvian Andes since 10 MaRousse, Sonia; Gilder, Stuart A.; Farber, Daniel L.; McNulty, Brendan A.; Patriat, Philippe; Torres Bazán, Víctor R.; Sempere, Thierry
Gilder-Post-Middle_Oligocene_origin.pdf.jpg2003-05Post-Middle Oligocene origin of paleomagnetic rotations in Upper Permian to Lower Jurassic rocks from northern and southern PeruGilder, Stuart A.; Rousse, Sonia; Farber, Daniel L.; McNulty, Brendan A.; Sempere, Thierry; Torres Bazán, Víctor R.; Palacios Moncayo, Oscar