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Spiske-Historical_tsunami_deposits_in_Peru.pdf.jpg2013-08Historical tsunami deposits in Peru: Sedimentology, inverse modeling and optically stimulated luminescence datingSpiske, Michaela; Piepenbreier, Jens; Benavente Escobar, Carlos Lenin; Kunz, A.; Bahlburg, Heinrich; Steffahn, J.
Lacroix-Supervised_method_of_landslide_inventory.pdf.jpg2013Supervised method of landslide inventory using panchromatic SPOT5 images and application to the earthquake-triggered landslides of Pisco (Peru, 2007, Mw8.0)Lacroix, Pascal; Zavala Carrión, Bilberto Luis; Berthier, Etienne; Audin, Laurence
Campbell-The_Pan-Amazonian_Ucayali_Peneplain.pdf.jpg2006-09The Pan-Amazonian Ucayali Peneplain, late Neogene sedimentation in Amazonia, and the birth of the modern Amazon River systemCampbell, Kenneth E.; Frailey, Carl David; Romero Pittman, Lidia
Evans-A_re-examination_of_the_mechanism.pdf.jpg2009-09A re-examination of the mechanism and human impact of catastrophic mass flows originating on Nevado Huascarán, Cordillera Blanca, Peru in 1962 and 1970Evans, Stephen G.; Bishop, Nicholas F.; Fídel Smoll, Lionel; Valderrama Murillo, Patricio Alonso; Delaney, Keith B.; Oliver-Smith, Anthony
Navarro-Ongoing_Cenomanian-Turonian_heterozoan.pdf.jpg2016-01Ongoing Cenomanian — Turonian heterozoan carbonate production in the neritic settings of PeruNavarro Ramírez, Juan Pablo; Bodin, Stephane; Immenhauser, Adrian
Salas-A_new_Pre-Deseadan_Pyrothere_from_Peru.pdf.jpg2006-09A new Pre-Deseadan Pyrothere (Mammalia) from northern Peru and the wear facets of molariform teeth of PyrotheriaSalas Gismondi, Rodolfo; Sánchez Izquierdo, José; Chacaltana Budiel, César Augusto
Steinmuller-Modern_hot_springs.pdf.jpg2001-09Modern hot springs in the southern volcanic Cordillera of Peru and their relationship to Neogene epithermal precious-metal depositsSteinmüller, Klaus
Bahlburg-The_ U-Pb_and_Hf_isotope_evidence.pdf.jpg2011-10The U-Pb and Hf isotope evidence of detrital zircons of the Ordovician Ollantaytambo Formation, southern Peru, and the Ordovician provenance and paleogeography of southern Peru and northern BoliviaBahlburg, Heinrich; Vervoort, Jeffrey D.; Du Frane, S. Andrew; Carlotto Caillaux, Víctor Santiago; Reimann Zumsprekel, Cornelia R.; Cárdenas Roque, José Dionicio
Hovikoski-Miocene_semidiurnal_tidal.pdf.jpg2006-01Miocene semidiurnal tidal rhythmites in Madre de Dios, Peru: ReplyHovikoski, Jussi; Räsänen, Matti E.; Gingras, Murray K.; Roddaz, Martin; Brusset, Stéphane; Hermoza, Wilber; Romero Pittman, Lidia
Roperch-Using_anisotropy of magnetic_susceptibility.pdf.jpg2010-11Using anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility to better constrain the tilt correction in paleomagnetism: A case study from southern PeruRoperch, Pierrick; Carlotto Caillaux, Víctor Santiago; Chauvin, Annick