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Moussallam-Magmatic_gas_percolation_through.pdf.jpg2017-05Magmatic gas percolation through the old lava dome of El Misti volcanoMoussallam, Yves; Peters, Nial; Masías Alvarez, Pablo Jorge; Apaza Choquehuayta, Fredy Erlingtton; Barnie, Talfan; Schipper, C. Ian; Curtis, Aaron; Tamburello, Giancarlo; Aiuppa, Alessandro; Bani, Philipson; Giudice, Gaetano; Pieri, David; Davies, Ashley Gerard; Oppenheimer, Clive
Moussallam-Volcanic_gas_emissions-resumen.pdf.jpg2017-06Volcanic gas emissions and degassing dynamics at Ubinas and Sabancaya volcanoes; implications for the volatile budget of the central volcanic zoneMoussallam, Yves; Tamburello, Giancarlo; Peters, Nial; Apaza Choquehuayta, Fredy Erlingtton; Schipper, C. Ian; Curtis, Aaron; Aiuppa, Alessandro; Masías Alvarez, Pablo Jorge; Boichuh, Marie; Bauduin, Sophie; Barnie, Talfan; Bani, Philipson; Giudice, Gaetano; Moussallam, Manuel