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Rivera-Characteristics_and_management_of_the_2006-2008.pdf.jpg2010-12Characteristics and management of the 2006–2008 volcanic crisis at the Ubinas volcano (Peru)Rivera Porras, Marco Antonio; Thouret, Jean-Claude; Mariño Salazar, Jersy; Berolatti, Rossemary; Fuentes, José
Rivera-Management_the_volcano_crisis_Ubinas.pdf.jpg2008Management of the volcanic crisis during the most recent Ubinas eruptive activityRivera Porras, Marco Antonio; Mariño Salazar, Jersy; Thouret, Jean-Claude; Fuentes, José; Cacya Dueñas, Lourdes; Arguedas, Ana; Lautze, Nicole C.; Aguilar Purhuaya, Víctor
Fuentes-Managing_2006_present-day_volcanic_crisis_Ubinas.pdf.jpg2006-05Managing of the 2006 present-day volcanic crisis at UbinasFuentes, José; Rivera Porras, Marco Antonio; Mariño Salazar, Jersy; Cruz Pauccara, Vicentina; Cacya Dueñas, Lourdes; Macedo Sánchez, Orlando; Aguilar Purhuaya, Víctor; Thouret, Jean-Claude