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Martinez-Late-Paleozoic_Chocolate_Formation.pdf.jpg2005The Late Paleozoic - Early Mesozoic Chocolate Formation of southern Peru: new data and interpretationsMartínez Valladares, William; Cervantes Gárate, John; Romero Fernández, Darwin; Sempere, Thierry
Zapata-The_lower_of_the_western_edge_of_Gondwana.pdf.jpg2005The Lower Carboniferous of the western edge of Gondwana in Peru and Bolivia: distribution of sedimentary basins and associated magmatismZapata Montes, Alberto Alex; Sánchez Fernández, Agapito Wilfredo; Carrasco Viza, Segundo Reynaldo; Cardona Molina, Agustín; Galdos Huaco, Jorge; Cerrón Zeballos, Fredy; Sempere, Thierry
Sempere-Unraveling_evolution_southernmost.pdf.jpg2021Unraveling the evolution of southernmost Peru between 100 and 50 Ma through U-Pb geochronology of the Toquepala Group: Implications for exploration of large porphyry copper depositsSempere, Thierry; Paquette, Jean-Louis; Martínez Valladares, William; Marchena Campos, Alonso Arturo; Acosta Ale, Jorge Gilberto