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Rosell-Active_tectonics_around_Cusco_city.pdf.jpg2019-09Active tectonics around the Cusco City, Perú: Record of earthquakes in the last 14,000 years, from paleoseismological dataRosell Guevara, Lorena Nicole; Benavente Escobar, Carlos Lenin; García Fernández Baca, Briant; Walker, Richard; Aguirre Alegre, Enoch Matthew; Zerathe, Swann; Audin, Laurence
Audin-Archeoseismology_in_Machu_Picchu.pdf.jpg2018-10-25Archeoseismology in Machu Picchu, paleoseismology and lacustrine records in Cuzco region as key interdisciplinary approaches for intraplate deformation characterization on the Andean AltiplanoAudin, Laurence; Benavente Escobar, Carlos Lenin; Combey, Andy; Walker, Richard; García Fernández Baca, Briant; Rosell Guevara, Lorena Nicole; Aguirre Alegre, Enoch Matthew; Rodríguez Pascua, Miguel Ángel; Grützner, Christoph; Guedron, Stephane; Sabatier, Pierre
Rodriguez-Did_earthquakes_strike_Machu_Picchu.pdf.jpg2019-10Did earthquakes strike Machu Picchu?Rodríguez Pascua, Miguel Ángel; Benavente Escobar, Carlos Lenin; Rosell Guevara, Lorena Nicole; Grützner, Christoph; Audin, Laurence; Walker, Richard; García Fernández Baca, Briant; Aguirre Alegre, Enoch Matthew