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Vonhof-Isotope_studies_of_fossil_Amazonia.pdf.jpg2004Isotope studies of fossil shells give insight in the Miocene paleogeography of western AmazoniaVonhof, Hubert B.; Kaandorp, Ronald Johannes Gerardus; Romero Pittman, Lidia; Guerrero, Javier; Palacios Moncayo, Oscar; Wesselingh, Frank Pieter
Wesselingh-Landscape_evolution_and_depositional.pdf.jpg2006-11Landscape evolution and depositional processes in the Miocene Amazonian Pebas lake/wetland system: evidence from exploratory boreholes in northeastern PeruWesselingh, Frank Pieter; Guerrero, Javier; Räsänen, Matti E.; Romero Pittman, Lidia; Vonhof, Hubert B.
Hovikoski-The_nature_of_Miocene_Amazonian.pdf.jpg2007-11The nature of Miocene Amazonian epicontinental embayment: High-frequency shifts of the low-gradient coastlineHovikoski, Jussi; Gingras, Murray K.; Räsänen, Matti E.; Rebata Hernani, Luisa Amparo; Guerrero, Javier; Ranzi, Alceu; Melo, Janira; Romero Pittman, Lidia; Núñez del Prado Simons, Hernando; Jaimes Salcedo, Fredy; López Velásquez, Shirley
Wesselingh-The_stratigraphy_and_regional_structure.pdf.jpg2006-11The stratigraphy and regional structure of Miocene deposits in western Amazonia (Peru, Colombia and Brazil), with implications for late Neogene landscape evolutionWesselingh, Frank Pieter; Hoorn, Maria C.; Guerrero, Javier; Räsänen, Matti E.; Romero Pittman, Lidia; Salo, Jukka S.