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Hovikoski-Palaeogeographical_implications_of_the_Miocene.pdf.jpg2007-01Palaeogeographical implications of the Miocene Quendeque Formation (Bolivia) and tidally-influenced strata in southwestern AmazoniaHovikoski, Jussi; Räsänen, Matti E.; Gingras, Murray K.; Lopez, Shirley; Romero Pittman, Lidia; Ranzi, Alceu; Melo, Janira
Rakotosolofo-Palaeomagnetic_results_from_the_Early.pdf.jpg2006Palaeomagnetic results from the Early Permian Copacabana Group, southern Peru: Implication for Pangaea palaeogeographyRakotosolofo, N.A.; Tait, J.A.; Carlotto Caillaux, Víctor Santiago; Cárdenas Roque, José Dionicio
Carlotto-Paleogeographic_boundary_in_the_evolution.pdf.jpg2009Paleogeographic boundary in the evolution of the Pucara Basin (Triassic-Liassic) and the Arequipa basin (Lias-Dogger): an inheritance of the block accreted during the MesoproterozoicCarlotto Caillaux, Víctor Santiago; Cárdenas Roque, José Dionicio; Cano Lazo, Vilma Antonia; Rodríguez Mejía, Rildo
Alván-Sedimentary_facies_and_ammonites.pdf.jpg2009Sedimentary facies and ammonites relations between Arequipa and Tacna during Lower to Middle JurassicAlván De la Cruz, Aldo Alfonso; Acosta Pereira, Harmuth
Campbell-The_Pan-Amazonian_Ucayali_Peneplain.pdf.jpg2006-09The Pan-Amazonian Ucayali Peneplain, late Neogene sedimentation in Amazonia, and the birth of the modern Amazon River systemCampbell, Kenneth E.; Frailey, Carl David; Romero Pittman, Lidia