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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sedimentacion_tectonica_area_Pallasca_formacion_Tablachaca.pdf.jpg2008Sedimentación y tectonica del área de Pallasca: la Formacion TablachacaCerpa Cornejo, Luis Moroni; Carlotto Caillaux, Víctor Santiago; Navarro Colque, Pedro Alexis; Quispe Cangana, Jorge Luis; Romero Fernández, Darwin
Sempere-Sistemas_transcurrentes_de_escala.pdf.jpg2004Sistemas transcurrentes de escala litosférica en el sur del PerúSempere, Thierry; Jacay Huarache, Javier Pablo; Carlotto Caillaux, Víctor Santiago; Martínez Valladares, William; Bedoya Jaén, Conrado; Fornari, Michel; Roperch, Pierrick; Acosta Pereira, Harmuth; Acosta Ale, Jorge Gilberto; Cerpa Cornejo, Luis Moroni; Flores, Alexander; Ibarra Chipa, Ivanoff; Latorre Borda, Oswaldo Omar; Mamani Huisa, Mirian Irene; Meza Méndez, Paola Mercedes; Odonne, Francis; Orós Vicente, Fidel Yovani; Pino Zeballos, Adán Manfredo; Rodríguez Mejía, Rildo
McClay-Structural_styles_of_the_Camisea-Abstract.pdf.jpg2018Structural styles of the Camisea fold-and-thrust belt, southeast PeruMcClay, Kenneth R.; Scarselli, Nicola; Tamara Guevara, Javier; Hammerstein, James; Torres Gonzalez, Daniel Enrique
Aguirre-Surface_rupture_associated_with_a_moderate.pdf.jpg2018-10-25Surface rupture associated with a moderate intraplate earthquake: the Mw 6.2 Parina event (December 1st, 2016) in the Peruvian AltiplanoAguirre Alegre, Enoch Matthew; Benavente Escobar, Carlos Lenin; Audin, Laurence; Baize, Stéphane; Wimpenny, Sam; Macharé Ordoñez, José; Delgado Madera, Gabino Fabrizio; García Fernández Baca, Briant; Rosell Guevara, Lorena Nicole
Margirier-Tectonic_and_climatic_controls_on_the_Chuquibamba.PDF.jpg2015-06Tectonic and climatic controls on the Chuquibamba landslide (western Andes, southern Peru)Margirier, Audrey; Audin, Laurence; Carcaillet, Julien; Schwartz, Stéphane; Benavente Escobar, Carlos Lenin
Roperch-Tectonic_rotations_and_transcurrent.pdf.jpg2011-04Tectonic rotations and transcurrent deformation south of the Abancay deflection in the Andes of southern PeruRoperch, Pierrick; Carlotto Caillaux, Víctor Santiago; Ruffet, Gilles; Fornari, Michel
Roperch-Using_anisotropy of magnetic_susceptibility.pdf.jpg2010-11Using anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility to better constrain the tilt correction in paleomagnetism: A case study from southern PeruRoperch, Pierrick; Carlotto Caillaux, Víctor Santiago; Chauvin, Annick