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Gingras-Ichnology_and_sedimentology_reveal.pdf.jpg2002Ichnology and sedimentology reveal depositional characteristics of bay-margin parasequences in the Miocene Amazonian foreland basinGingras, Murray K.; Räsänen, Matti E.; Pemberton, S. George; Romero Pittman, Lidia
Navarro-Ongoing_Cenomanian-Turonian_heterozoan.pdf.jpg2016-01Ongoing Cenomanian — Turonian heterozoan carbonate production in the neritic settings of PeruNavarro Ramírez, Juan Pablo; Bodin, Stephane; Immenhauser, Adrian
Hovikoski-Palaeogeographical_implications_of_the_Miocene.pdf.jpg2007-01Palaeogeographical implications of the Miocene Quendeque Formation (Bolivia) and tidally-influenced strata in southwestern AmazoniaHovikoski, Jussi; Räsänen, Matti E.; Gingras, Murray K.; Lopez, Shirley; Romero Pittman, Lidia; Ranzi, Alceu; Melo, Janira
Navarro-Record_of_Albian_to_early_Cenomanian.pdf.jpg2015-04Record of Albian to early Cenomanian environmental perturbation in the eastern sub-equatorial PacificNavarro Ramírez, Juan Pablo; Bodin, Stephane; Heimhofer, U.; Immenhauser, Adrian