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Clasificación de los dominios magnéticos del sur de Perú a través de la aplicación de SOM al modelo del vector de magnetización
proExplo 2019, XI Congreso Internacional de Prospectores y Exploradores, Exploración minera: Ciencia, innovación e inversión estratégica, Lima, 2019. [Resúmenes extendidos]
An important concentration of Cu-Mo porphyry deposits is located in the Paleocene-Eocene and Superior Cretaceous belts from Southern Peru. The study area has approximately 130x33 kilometers in the NW-SE direction located between 71° • 69"5' Longitude West and 16° - 17°3' Latitude South. The purpose of this work was to use the existing airborne magnetic data from the Multinational Andean Project (MAP) acquired in 2000-2001 to characterize and differentiate the magnetic anomalies. To accomplish it, we have created and used thematic maps, Magnetization Vector lnversion (MVI) and Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) applied to the MVI results lo automatically classify the anomalies. The need to find new copper deposits in the country, many of them being under cover highlight the importance of using !hose tools to analyze the characteristic of the known deposits and use them to identify new targets with similar characteristics for further investigation.
Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú
Páginas 102-106.

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