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Potential Evaluation of the Mineral Deposits in the Western Cordillera of the Ancash Region
Informe técnico;N° A6467
The Geological survey of Peru (INGEMMET) in agreement with Geological survey of Korea (KIGAM) carried out the study to evaluate mining potential in the Ancash region. The area is located between: 9º00'-10º30' South Latitude and 77º00'-78º00' West Longitude. Three field trips were realized where 9 mineral deposits and 4 prospects were recognized: Pierina, Pachapaqui, Huinac, Santo Toribio, Pashpap, Antamina, Pucarrajo, Contonga and Huanzala (mines); Cajabamba, Ocros, Tuco Chira and Aija Ticapampa (prospects). During the field work geologic structures, lithology units, hydrothermal alterations were recognized. A total of 136 samples of hosted rocks and ore were collected for microscopy studies and geochemical analysis. There are 2 main sedimentary basins in the study are: Casma (west) and Santa (east) basin, that controlled the sedimentation in the study area. Finally, the mineralization in metallogenic belt was controlled by 5 regional fault systems: Tapacocha, Huacllan-Churin, Huaraz- Recuay, Cordillera Blanca Batholith and Chonta.
Instituto Geológico, Minero y Metalúrgico - INGEMMET
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