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Nuevos alcances sobre la mineralización de Au-Sn-U en la Cordillera Oriental del Sureste Peruano
New facts on the mineralization of Au-Sn-U in the Cordillera Oriental of Southeastern Peru
[ENG] The study provides information on the origin and source of mineralization of the deposits of the three main belts related to the mineralization of gold, tin and uranium in the Eastern Cordillera of Southeastern Peru. There are five metallogenic belts in this area; three were considered important: the golden, tin and uranium. The gold belt is located on lower Paleozoic rocks, origined for extension (rifting) and cortical thinning forming a marine sedimentary basin, affected by compressive and transpressive tectonic events that led to the gold mineralization removilizations during prograde metamorphism. The tin belt, related to granitic intrusions of type "S" with crustal contamination. They are of two ages: permotriássic and Oligocene (Cenozoic), and affected by metasomatic processes related to the mineralization of Sn-Cu-W. The uranium belt, related to peraluminous volcanism, product of a cortical anatexia, which brought magmatism that was enriched in uranium. There are five metallogenetic belts recognized in the study area, three of which have economic importance: the gold, relate to La Rinconada and Ananea deposits; tin, the most important is the San Rafael mine; and uranium, with deposits in Macusani volcanic field. Finally, all these mineral deposits have a wide dispersion of radiogenic Pb mineralizing fluids, mainly from the upper crust.
Instituto Geológico, Minero y Metalúrgico - INGEMMET
10 páginas. | | Trabajo presentado en PERUMIN: 31 Convención Minera, realizada del 16 al 20 de setiembre de 2013, en Arequipa, Perú.

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