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Hydrogeological assessment for the use of groundwater in the subcatchment Lauricocha, Huanuco, Peru
5th International Congress on Water Management Mining, Santiago, 18-20 mayo 2016
The Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute – scientific and technical institute which belongs to the Energy and Mines Ministry-makes studies to find and propose of new sources of drinking water supply for local people established in the surrounding of mining projects. The hydrogeology studies consist in investigation and evaluation of backdrop level and situational diagnostic of the aquifer, through an intense field trip campaign and representative network of water sampling. The place of study is the Lauricocha micro-basin, which presents an area of 173.4 km2, between 3,893 and 5,593 meters, located in Huánuco region. This micro-basin extends transversely to the morphstructural dominium of Occidental Mountain in the Andes. The hydrogeology mapping was developed in June and July of 2013. This consisted in the characterization of the geological formations, identification of aquifers, inventory of 85 springs, evaluation of the condition of discharge, taking of hydraulic and physic-chemistry parameters and the water sampling of 39 springs. The water quality analysis has the objective to know the chemistry composition and the interaction of groundwater and rocks in the surrounding. The hydrochemistry showed that the water has an ionic predominance of calcic bicarbonate water, of local flow, young water considered for its short pathway of transit contact time between the soil and rocks. The quality of the water was contrasted with the Peruvian guidelines of water quality (as referential), given 11 springs that overcame the values of aluminum, arsenic, iron, manganese, lead, antimony and cobalt. The analysis of flows showed a total discharge of 499.30 L/seg in the sum of springs. The evaluations allowed selecting 13 ideal springs that was proposed as future direct spring catchments, being part of the drinking water system for the local communities. Finally, this proposal could help to solve the concern of the communities about the alternative sources of drinking water.
Moreno, J.; Peña, F.; Ng, W.; Navarro, P. & Palomino, S. (2016) - Hydrogeological Assessment for the Use of Groundwater in the Subcatchment Lauricocha, Huanuco, Peru. En: International Congress on Water Management Mining, 5, 2016. Santiago: GECAMIN, 12 p.
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