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Landscape evolution of the Apurimac river drainage basin, southern Peru
XII Congreso Peruano de Geología, Lima, 2004. Resúmenes extendidos.
The northernmost part of the Altiplano in Southern Peru is drained by the river Apurimac and its tributaries. The Altiplano is a region that covers most of the eastern part of the Cordillera Occidental and is bounded in the East by the Cordillera Oriental. The Apurirnac River Drainage Basin (ARDB) extends roughly between 13 °S and l5°S over 50000 km 2. It mainly occupies the northeastern flank of the Cordillera Occidental and a negligible part of the southwestern flank of the Cordillera Oriental. At the latitude of the Abancay deflection, i.e. 13.5 S; 72.7 W, the Apurirnac River abandons the Cordillera Occidental. On its way to the Amazon Basin in the North the Apurimac River drains the Cordillera Oriental and the Sub-Andean Zone (SAZ). The incision by the rivers of the ARDB has created differences in relief of more than 2000 m that contributed to the denudation and exhumation, hence the evolution ofthe landscape. The Altiplano sedimentary basin contains an 8 kilometers thick succession of Cenozoic sediments, which it received from the surrounding highs in the West and the Easl Its structural framework has been formed by the various tectonic events that struck the Andes and the various pulses of magmatic activity that took place during the Cenozoic. In the western part of the Altiplano Miocene volcanics domínate, whereas in the northeastern part, in the Cusco region, clastic deposits do so. In the region of Abancay, a batholite got emplaced during the mid Tertiary, that extends over few 1000 km2.
Sociedad Geológica del Perú
Van, P.; Ruiz, G.; Andriessen, P.; Zuloaga, A. & Romero, L. (2004) - Landscape evolution of the Apurimac river drainage basin, southern Peru. En: Congreso Peruano de Geología, 12, Lima, 2004. Resúmenes extendidos. Lima: Sociedad Geológica del Perú, 4 p.
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