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Lliboutry-Glaciological_problems_III_cordillera_Blanca.pdf.jpg1977Glaciological problems set by the control of dangerous lakes in Cordillera Blanca, Peru. III. Study of moraines and mass balances at SafunaLliboutry, Louis; Morales Arnao, Benjamín; Schneider, Bernard
Yamagiwa-Some_interesting_fossils_Chaparra.pdf.jpg1979-09Some interesting fossils from the upper Paleozoic in Chaparra area, Southwest PeruYamagiwa, Nobuo; Rangel Zavala, César
Maeda-Some_fusulinids_Copacabana_Group.pdf.jpg1974Some fusulinids from the Copacabana Group at Ambo, Peru, South AmericaMaeda, Shiro; Yamagiwa, Nobuo; Bellido Bravo, Eleodoro; Rangel Zavala, César
Lliboutry-Glaciological_problems_cordillera_Blanca.pdf.jpg1977Glaciological problems set by control of dangerous lakes in Cordillera Blanca, Peru. I. Historical failures of Morainic dams, their causes and preventionLliboutry, Louis; Morales Arnao, Benjamín; Pautre, André; Schneider, Bernard
Mercer-Radiocarbon_dating_last_glaciation(Abstract).pdf.jpg1977-10Radiocarbon dating of the last glaciation in PeruMercer, J.H; Palacios Moncayo, Oscar
Audebaud-Les_traits_geologiques_essentiels.pdf.jpg1973-03Les traits géologiques essentiels des Andes centrales (Pérou-Bolivie)Audebaud, Etienne; Capdevilla, Raymond; Dalmayrac, Bernard; Debelmas, Jacques; Laubacher, Gerard; Lefevre, Christian; Marocco, René; Martinez, Claude; Mattauer, Maurice; Mégard, François; Paredes Pacheco, Jorge