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Tectonic rotations and transcurrent deformation south of the Abancay deflection in the Andes of southern Peru
Tectonics, v. 30, n. 2, 2011
We report new paleomagnetic results from 55 out of 76 sites sampled at different localities along a transect from Nazca to Cuzco where the general structures of the Peruvian Andes are strongly offset across the Abancay deflection. Nine new 39Ar/40Ar ages better constrain the timing of volcanism along the western edge of the Western Cordillera at the latitude of Nazca. A mean paleomagnetic result from 22 sites in the lower Miocene volcanics does not show significant rotation (R = -2.3° ± 7.7°) of the western margin of the Central Andean Plateau since the early Miocene. Within the Western Cordillera we sampled three structural blocks bounded to the north by the Abancay fault system. In the westernmost block, a large counterclockwise rotation (R = -65.0° ± 11.1°) is found in Mesozoic limestones and Paleocene-Eocene red beds. Magnitude of rotation decreases toward the east from (R = -35.6° ± 12.8°) in the central block to (R = -4.5° ± 8.4°) south of the town of Cuzco. The anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) recorded by the red beds sediments is the consequence of compaction and tectonic strain during the early stages of deformation. We show that the magnetic lineations were also rotated counterclockwise as the remanent magnetizations. The present study confirms results from the Peruvian fore arc, showing that rotations are not older than circa 40 Ma and likely not younger than circa 20 Ma. The spatial variation in the amount of counterclockwise rotation suggests a large component of shear along the Abancay deflection concomitant with a broad late Eocene–Oligocene oroclinal deformation in southern Peru.
American Geophysical Union
Roperch, P.; Carlotto, V.; Ruffet, G. & Fornari, M. (2011) - Tectonic rotations and transcurrent deformation south of the Abancay deflection in the Andes of southern Peru. Tectonics, 30(2): 23 p. Doi: 10.1029/2010TC002725
23 p.

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