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The epithermal gold deposit of Las Huaquillas (Dept. Cajamarca, Peru) - An example of successful gold exploration
Das epithermale goldvorkommen von Las Huaquillas (Depto. Cajamarca, Peru) - Ein beispiel erfolgreicher goldexploration
Zeitschrift Fur Angewandte Geologie, v. 42, n. 2, 1996, pp.107-113
An epithermal gold deposit near Las Huaquillas in the San Ignacio Province (Dept. Cajamarca, northern Peru) was discovered during the course of a German - Peruvian Technical Cooperation Project, which was mainly for the purpose of training counterparts. The deposit was investigated by means of geological, geochemical, and geophysical surveys, and explored by drilling and tunneling. Gold occurs with silver and base-metal sulfides in prominent late fault zones. The host rock is aplite, which displays intense hydrothermal alteration of sericite-pyrite-quartz type. A preliminary estimate was made of 800 000 t ore potential with an average grade of 6 g/t Au, including 300 000 t of high grade ore containing 10 g/t Au. Following a preliminary mining evaluation, the Las Huaquillas Au deposit is considered to be of economic interest. The deposit has now been transferred to a private mining company for further exploration and gold production. The results of the investigations near Las Huaquillas have also provided useful models for further prospecting in northern Peru, which is promising for gold occurrences.
Verlag Hans Huber
Winkelmann, L.; Leifeld, D.; Grissemann, C.; Scheps, V. & Lara, M. A. (1996) - The epithermal gold deposit of Las Huaquillas (Dept. Cajamarca, Peru) - An example of successful gold exploration. Zeitschrift Fur Angewandte Geologie, 42(2): 107-113.
pp. 107-113

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