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La glaciación del Devónico superior en Sudamérica: estado del conocimiento y perspectivas
XII Congreso Peruano de Geología, Lima, 2004. Resúmenes extendidos.
Late Devonian glacial marine deposits in South America record an important regional glaciation related with the positioning of westem Gondwana at mid-to-high latitudes. Glacigenic deposits of similar age also occur in African basins, demonstrating that a large part of Gondwana was affected by late Devonian glaciation events. Sedimentation took place in shallow-marine siliciclastic environments within two different geodynamic and palaeogeographic settings. To the west, Peruvian and Bolivian sequences were deposited in a retroarc foreland basin along the active margin of westem Gondwana, with local tectonic instability and locally high sedimentation rates. Uplift along this orogen favored local glaciation and the development of icefields with valley glaciers that reached the marginal basin during a single event of late Famennian age. In contrast, Brazilian sequences were deposited in intracratonic basins, with more widespread glaciation and development of icecaps, and ice· tongues reaching the interior basins during several events from late Frasnian to Toumaisian.
Sociedad Geológica del Perú
Díaz, E. (2004) - La glaciación del Devónico superior en Sudamérica: estado del conocimiento y perspectivas. En: Congreso Peruano de Geología, 12, Lima, 2004. Resúmenes extendidos. Lima: Sociedad Geológica del Perú, p. 440-443
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